Headwind. Poverty in Belgium since 1800

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One in seven Belgians live in poverty. Living life against the wind, as the awful reality is blown into every nook and cranny of your life, time and again. Poverty is always there, never quite forgotten. It affects you in everything you do and is often invisible - especially to the outside world. Society is clearly embarrassed about this figure. So how can we turn the tide for people who live in poverty? How can we get rid of the ill wind in their lives? There are many answers possible. Choices to be made.

The exhibition “Headwind” charts the history of poverty in Belgium since the early nineteenth century. Find out how poverty affects quality of life, how people try to improve their own situation and what society does or can do. Past and present are intertwined in this exhibition. What has changed? And how is the present similar to the past? The exhibition was developed in close collaboration with people living in poverty.