Harold Van de Perre - Verlangen naar schoonheid


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Harold Van de Perre

Harold Van de Perre’s work is characterized by its huge diversity and ranges from powerful, large-format figure drawings to tender, diffuse watercolour landscapes, at the same time, the full use of colours seen in his pastels paves the way for his foray into oils, while his monumental stained glass windows show a rich, personal language.

This artistic versatility also extends to his work as a disseminator of artistic knowledge. He is the author of three monographic art books and internationally acclaimed documentaries on the universal plastic values seen in the work of Flemish geniuses Rubens, Van Eyck and Bruegel.
The timeless themes of Harold Van de Perre are mythical nature and ‘life itself’ - the beauty that surrounds us and is ‘forever changing and renewing itself’. 

‘He is engaged in a meticulous search for a synthesis of now and before. He works for the present, thinking of the future, in harmony with the past.’ (Gaston Durnez, in Kunsttijdschrift Vlaanderen)