The latest and most extensive restoration of the Caermersklooster has converted this historic monument into a venue that lends itself to a huge variety of cultural activities. Furthermore, the fact that the different rooms can be closed off from each other means that several events can be run simultaneously such as lectures, conferences, musical recitals, receptions and formal dinners. The restoration is a multi-phase undertaking. Absolute priority has gone to refurbishment of the wing on  theVrouwebroersstraat, where three delightful venues will soon be ready. When that is finished it will be the turn of the Plotersgrachtwing and, finally, work will focus on the central wing which will create a direct link to the infirmary. On completion of this final phase the entrance to the Caermersklooster will move permanently to the Trommelstraat. Next to the infirmary an attractive atrium complex will be added including a reception area, information desk, documentation room, shop, cloakroom, toilets and a museum café. The new entrance will also provide an easy route through to the Vrijdagmarkt, which has ample parking facilities. The brewery will become a cafeteria with outdoor seating in the infirmary garden, while the refurbished quadrangle will be used for exhibitions and other events.